Activu selected for state-of-the-art joint forces headquarters

March 20, 2012 by  

Activu Corporation recently announced that a large-scale turnkey visualization system has been developed and installed by the company in the North Carolina Joint Forces Headquarters in Raleigh for the Statewide Transportation Operations Center. The company no doubt used printing services to print flyers, do some poster printing and press releases to distribute throughout the state and to its customers to ensure the public was made aware of one of its latest projects.

The departments of Transportation, National Guard, Highway Patrol and Emergency Management are all located in the Joint Forces Headquarters so that their routine and emergency operations can be coordinated. This enables the Turnpike Authority and the North Carolina Department of Transportation Incident Management Assistance Patrol to work together under one roof in the Statewide Transportation Operations Center. The new facility, which is 236,000 square feet in size, has technology, a network infrastructure and other facilities that are state-of-the art. These include a briefing room that is dedicated for the use of media, an auditorium that seats 400, a variety of breakout and conference rooms and a large situation room.

The visualization and collaboration solution by Activu enables the Department of Transportation to share information from five roadway weather information systems, 400 closed circuit television cameras and more than 600 vehicle detectors with other agencies that are part of the Joint Forces Headquarters. This ability to share information helps the departments involved to have a common picture of all the operations and improves their awareness of individual situations. In turn, the speed and quality of decision-making can also be improved which helps the Department of Transportation to move people, goods and services safely and efficiently throughout the state.