Pineville to be home to new H&M store

June 7, 2013 by  

Retailer H&M recently announced that it will be opening a new store in Pineville this fall at the Carolina Place Mall. No doubt the company will use flyer printing and poster printing to let the community know of this arrival into the area.

The new store in the area will be 17,000 square feet in size and offer clothing collections for men, women, and youngsters, as well as ‘store in store’ selections for accessories and lingerie. There will also be a wide selection of children’s clothing for newborns to age eight. The goal of H&M is to find those properties and locations that are best suited for its customers.

H&M is based in Sweden and opened its first store in the Scandinavian country in 1947. It opened its first store in the United States on Fifth Avenue in New York City 13 years ago, and since then has opened 268 stores across the country. Worldwide, it has 2,800 stores in 40 countries and employs 104,000 people.

The company sells six different brands and its designers seek to create a diverse and broad range of fashion items for all age groups and genders, as well as cosmetics and textile products for the home.

H&M says that it plans to increase the number of stores it operates around the world by 10% to 15% per cent per year. Its items can be purchased online in European and Middle Eastern and Asian countries and this operation is planned for expansion into the United States within the year.