Loaves & Fishes to receive matching grant

December 23, 2013 by  

Loaves & Fishes, a food pantry based in Charlotte with sites in Pineville and Davidson, recently announced that the Levine-Sklut Foundation will be partnering with the food pantry with donation of $25,000 to match that amount given to the pantry this winter. The food pantry is no doubt using flyer printing to spread the word throughout the area so that as many people as possible can make their monetary donations to the pantry.

According to the executive director of Loaves & Fishes, Beverly Howard, more than 6,600 people can be fed in Mecklenburg County for a week with $50,000. The matching donation can be an incentive for people, as even a modest donation will be doubled this way. Over half of the donations the pantry receives are for under $100.

In 2012, Loaves & Fishes provided groceries for a week to close to 130,000 people in the area, most of whom were children.

The daughter of the Family Dollar Stores founder, Lori Levine-Sklut, operates the Levine-Sklut Foundation with Eric Sklut, who owns Perfection Automobile – a provider of automotive parts. Eric agrees with Howard that the grant can serve to encourage people to donate who have not done so before, or to increase their donation somewhat during the holiday season.

A total of 30 grants are given by the Foundation every year to causes around the world, including arts organizations and Jewish institutions. The matching grant to Loaves & Fishes will run until February 28, 2014.