Happy ending for birds and facility

April 15, 2013 by  

The Companion Parrots Rehomed (CPR) in Pineville recently announced that two cockatoos that had gone missing in November have been returned safely to the parrot rescue organization.

In each case, the people who had custody of the birds were not aware that they had been stolen. In the case of one bird, it ended up in the hands of a dealer who sold it to a customer and then purchased it back and returned it to the Karen Cheek Justice, owner of CPR.

In the other, a family in Georgia had purchased the bird online and let Justice know that they had the bird when they too realized that their purchase was not legal. The family in Georgia is now attending classes so they learn how to take care of the bird and will be adopting it legally within a few weeks.

No doubt poster printing had been used by the organization to find these birds, and is now being used to let the community know that they have been returned.

The goal of CPR is to take in birds that have been given up by their owners or been taken away from bad living conditions. The organization makes sure the birds are in good health and then does whatever it can to find new homes for them.

According to Justice, this entire experience has been a positive one. The facility has had more publicity, which has attracted more people, resulting in an increase in the retail business and the number of adoptions and has enabled it to expand with the addition of a classroom.