CMC—Pineville opens center for wound care

January 24, 2014 by  

The CMC—Pineville recently opened Carolinas Health Care System Wound Care, a new clinic that specializes in the treatment of wounds and also offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Flyer printing is most likely being used by CMC—Pineville to spread the word in the community of this facility which will be able to supplement the resources of Abbey Place, the Wound Care center at the Park Road Shopping Plaza, which is often busy.

The clinic offers many technologies in the care of wounds that are state-of-the-art, including skin substitutes that can be used instead of skin grafts and special wound dressings. This care is not typically available at hospitals, according to medical director of Carolinas HealthCare System Wound Care, William Moose, as wound care needs to be done on a weekly basis. When the available care is closer to the home of a patient, then it is easier for them to travel and get the care they need.

Moose added that wounds which go untreated can get infections and sometimes may require amputations, particularly if the patient has diabetes, which can lead to the easy development of wounds. Complications can also be caused by side effects from radiation and problems with varicose veins, and those that are caught at an early stage are more successful in being healed.

The hyperbaric oxygen chamber can also help wounds to heal properly as it exposes wounds to 100 percent oxygen at high pressure.

There are four doctors and several support staff the at the wound care center.