Redbox kiosks to join Family Dollar stores

June 28, 2012 by  

Family Dollar Stores, Inc. recently announced that it will be providing kiosks from Coinstar Inc’s Redbox at all locations of Family Dollar stores across the United States. Based in Matthews, North Carolina, Family Dollar is no doubt using poster printing and flyer printing to publicize this addition to their stores, so that customers can take advantage of the movie and game rentals that Redbox has to offer.

According to the Presdent and Chief Operating Officer for Family Dollar, Michael Bloom, the addition of Redbox to the services of Family Dollar helps the company to increase its relevancy to its customers and broaden its assortment. It also adds to the value and convenience of its stores and gives customers additional reasons for making a visit.

Coinstra Inc.’s chief customer officer, Maria Stipp, added that Redbox is looking forward to being involved in Family Dollar retail destinations and to being able to extend its presence in those places where the American public shops. She said that Redbox relies on working with retail partners who can help to provide greater access to games and movies for customers at low prices.

The prices for customers of the Family Dollar Stores at Redbox for new-release DVDs will be $1.20 a night, for Blu-ray discs $2.00, and for games $2.00. Family Dollar customers who want to insure that their selections are available when they arrive at their local store can reserve them ahead of time by doing so online or by using the Redbox app for the Android or iPhone.