Publix to open two stores in Matthews area

January 11, 2012 by  

Publix, the supermarket chain that is based in Florida, is scheduled to open two news stores in the Matthews-Charlotte, North Carolina area by the end of this calendar year, marking the first push of the retailer into the area. With local grocery competition expected to be high, the company is already using printing services to publish flyers and posters in the community in the community announcing their arrival outlining the benefits that consumers will find by shopping in their supermarkets. The two supermarkets will be located in new shopping centers.

According to Phil Lempart, a supermarket analyst, the opening of these stores will create a great deal of competition in the supermarket arena. He pointed out how Publix opened stores in Atlanta and were very successful in claiming a majority share of the market. He added, however, that such competition could help to lower consumer prices, and, as compared to other locations in which Publix has established new stores, Publix could find itself pitted against customer loyalty to a Matthews-based well-established retailer like Harris Teeter, where the shopping experience may be more important than lower prices. Harris Teeter spokeswoman Catherine Reuhl emphasized that the company is focused on providing outstanding quality and services for its customers at great values.

Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina are the home to more than 1,000 Publix supermarkets, which is the seventh largest grocery retailer in the United States, according to Supermarket News, an industry trade publication. Last year alone, Harris Teeter had a 22 percent share of the Charlotte-area grocery market which was ahead of the 19.2 percent share held by Food Lion.