Matthews working towards becoming friendly to wildlife

September 14, 2012 by  

It was announced this week by Habitat and Wildlife Keepers (HAWK), the local North Carolina Wildlife Federation chapter, that the town of Matthews, North Carolina is close to receiving the designation of a Certified Wildlife Community.

HAWK is no doubt using flyer printing and poster printing to encourage another school and a combination of businesses and homes to provide shelter, food, water, and somewhere for wild animals to raise offspring in order to receive the additional points to reach its goal. The town would be North Carolina’s fourth to be a Certified Wildlife Community, along with 60 others across the United States.

A formula was created by the National Wildlife Federation that takes in account the town’s population and several other factors, then assigns them points. In addition, the town earns one point for every residence, three points for each public place or business, and five points for each school that creates a habitat for wildlife.

The principal of the Matthews Elementary School, Mike Miliote, heard about the program after a HAWK presentation and started it at his school. He feels that it not only helps the community, but is a good way for the kids to learn about the community and extend their education outside of the classroom.

Other residents in the town have turned their backyards into habitats and got them certified. Many of these backyards now attract a variety of birds, butterflies, and bees. Debbie Foster, a member of HAWK, says that many residents may already have the basics in their backyards and may only need an additional item to insure that their backyards meet the requirements for certification.