Matthews couple bring a holiday tradition to the town

December 17, 2012 by  

The Hampton Green neighborhood of Matthews, North Carolina was recently instilled with the holiday spirit when Monica and Dorian Taft, who moved in August to Matthews from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, lit up their house with over 20,000 lights and additional holiday ornaments, including snowmen and dozens of candy canes. Obviously lovers of the spotlight, it would be no surprise if the Tafts were to be using flyer printing to pass flyers around to their neighbors encouraging them to join in the tradition so as to make the community a vibrant one during the holiday season.

This extensive light display has been a tradition of the Tafts for many years throughout all the homes in which they lived. Their locations have included include Seattle, San Diego, and Hilton Head. According to Dorian Taft, the reason for they spend the time and money on the lights is that it makes them feel good and they like seeing how many in the community enjoy the lights as well.

Dorian added that, with each new house, they have to make adjustments with the lights. The couple has at times had over 50,000 lights on their house but, this year, Dorian was caught off guard with the steep pitch of the roof and so had to refrain from covering it with lights. She plans to make up for this next year, however.

Their holiday decorating is usually based on a theme. This year, Dorian said, they are using snowmen and candy canes and next year they plan a more spiritual theme that will include a Nativity scene.