Green living embraced by more homeowners in North Carolina

July 28, 2012 by  

Homes by Vanderbuilt, a company that makes prefabricated and modular homes and properties, based near Matthews, North Carolina, made known to the public in a press release this month that it is seeing an increasing number of homeowners who are looking to build more sustainable homes. The company is no doubt using flyer printing and poster printing to make its offerings in this market more widely known, so that homeowners can help to improve the environmental impact of their homes, while at the same time help to reduce the costs in operating these homes.

According to Homes by Vanderbuilt, by incorporating recycled materials, natural energy sources, and sustainable items when constructing their homes, homeowners can help to promote a greener lifestyle. They can also hire outside consultants and inspectors who can examine their homes during construction and determine additional areas or parts of the home in which greener processes and materials can be used, so as to improve the overall environmental friendliness of the home.

Homes by Vanderbuilt adds that after construction is complete, homes can be audited for their adherence to various guidelines and receive certifications from such organizations as NGBS, Energy Star, and HERS Resnet. For example, Homes by Vanderbuilt points out that if a home meets Energy Star guidelines, homeowners can find themselves saving thousands of dollars a year in operating their homes and also decrease carbon dioxide omissions, which can be significant. If homeowners also change their daily habits, such as recycling more and using greener products, they can reduce the amount of waste that a home accumulates and promote a safer and more environmentally friendly living area.