Enerdyne set to build power plant in landfill near Arcadia

February 25, 2012 by  

Rick Chapman, Midwest regional manager for Enerdyne Power Systems, Inc. located in Matthews, North Carolina, recently announced that his company will be partnering with Waster Corporation of Kansas to build a 1.6 megawatt power plant near Arcadia that will turn landfill gas into electricity. He is using printing services to print flyers and posters about this announcement and to educate the public about what the plant will be doing.

Chapman explained that when trash is disposed of at the landfill site that it is fed upon by anaerobic organisms which feed on it, then cause it to decompose and, in the process, produce gas. This gas, by state regulations, needs to be disposed and has been traditionally done so by burning it off with a candlestick. However, Chapman added, if the gas is used to run a generator then fewer emissions are created and electricity is produced.

Chapman went into further detail by saying that the hill is the starting point for the process and is where collection wells that are trash covered with dirt are built. The gas produced is extracted by pipelines and is usually composed of methane, carbon dioxide and various contaminants as well as moisture and water.

In this state, the gas is not usable and needs to be refined. The water and moisture are removed first and then the gas goes through a blower, then a fin fan, then a chiller and finally a separator, after which the gas can be piped to the generator. The 1.64 megawatt generator produces about 39 megawatts of electricity on a daily basis which is enough to provide electricity for 1,000 homes.