Greensboro Christmas trees selling quickly

December 6, 2012 by  

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is usually considered to be when the Christmas shopping season gets into stride. It is also the most profitable day of the year for most retailers. In Greensboro, North Carolina, this was certainly the case on Christmas tree lots.

Fred and Dot Wagoner, who run Fred and Dot Wagoner Christmas Trees on Battleground Avenue, said they had seen a lot of people coming in looking for the “perfect tree.” Tree expert Te Rangi had some useful advice for people buying fresh trees.

He advises people to put their tree in water as soon as they get it home. If they do that, it should easily last until Christmas and on into January. The tree lot cuts the bottom off the trunk when a tree is sold and, unless it is put in water quickly, the sap will harden and the tree will be unable to absorb any water.

Since trees do dry out, Rangi also suggests that people turn off any heat source near them. A warmer room means the tree will need more water, which in turn means that people have to keep a closer watch on it.

He also suggests buyers need to test the tree for dryness before making the purchase. If a buyer can pull needles from the tree easily, it is already dried out and should not be used.

Christmas tree sellers in Greensboro could help their customers through flyer printing, giving the hours and locations of the tree lots. They could also publish tips on how to care for the trees, and address safety concerns.