Fanning the flames in Greensboro

November 2, 2012 by  

Tomorrow, November 3, part of Greensboro, North Carolina is scheduled to go up in flames.

This is because the Greensboro Fire Department will be conducting a training exercise in the southern part of the city. The only way for firefighters to learn their trade is to actually fight fires, so fire departments around the country routinely set practice fires to train their personnel. This exercise is scheduled to take place at 2815 Randleman Road, from about 8:30 am to noon.

The fire department notes that the exercise is likely to cause a great deal of smoke in the Randleman Road area. However, the smoke will not pose a public health hazard, since the buildings used in this type of training have to meet North Carolina’s health regulations and standards for air quality.

To put residents’ minds at ease, the Greensboro Fire Department might consider having flyers printed that could be distributed to people in the local area. The flyers could explain the exercise and reassure people there is no danger of fire, and also that the smoke is not hazardous. Another option would be to have banners made to post at the event itself explaining the fact that the department is training. This would help alleviate concerns of those residents who had no other information about the exercise.

The last training session of this nature undertaken by the Greensboro Fire Department was in June this year, when a house was set alight so that firefighters could practice their skills.