High School students participate in Animal Science Program

November 4, 2016 by  

Students at Southern Alamance High School in Graham are enjoying the opportunity to take part in the schools Animal Science program.

The program is the brainchild of agriculture teacher Tasha Dawson. Animals ranging from rats, hamsters, and guinea pigs, to several members of the reptile family, a chicken coop, rabbits, hedgehogs, and fish are all on site. According to Dawson, the students have been ‘dedicated both in class and outside of school’.

Several students have taken up extracurricular volunteer work at a variety of animal institutions including an animal shelter, farms and veterinary offices.

The program aims to give students first-hand knowledge of animals and hopes to expand with the introduction of a small livestock barn where it will be possible to keep sheep, goats, pigs, and maybe cattle. The program is available to students from differing disciplines, giving them the chance to study and apply their lessons in a variety of ways, such as the study of water quality in ponds, or medical math when applied to veterinary science.

An adoption program also runs alongside the science program, with students helping to socialize animals and prepare reports ready for prospective adoption families. These include the history of an animal and any veterinary requirements or other relevant information. The use of presentation folders may be useful here.

The students are currently hosting a pet toy drive from now until Thanksgiving on behalf of Burlington Animal Shelter.