Starting a safari of discovery in Gastonia

May 20, 2013 by  

Summer here in North Carolina provides many sunny days activities for the whole family, although the rain and cold might leave us searching for fun wholesome activity suitable for the entire family. The Schiele Museum has come up with a possible solution for those days – going on safari.

Starting last Saturday, May 18, and continuing through until the end of the year, the Gastonia museum will be featuring ‘Mammal Safari Journey of Discovery’. Highlighting more than 10 live species of mammals, as well as dozens of mounted animals, the exhibit is the latest in a series of museum-created displays.

Last year’s exhibit was ‘Cowboys: Dust of the Trail’, while ‘Caves’ was the theme for 2011 and ‘Pirates’ was done in 2010. After focusing on cultural, historical, and natural history in past exhibits, the museum felt it was time to hone in on the animal kingdom. The live animals will include capuchin monkeys, a sloth bear, Jamaican fruit bats, and lemurs.

The ‘safari’ starts in the Stowe Gallery with an overview about mammals. From there, a variety of rooms, each focusing on mammals from specific continents will continue the exhibit.

Parents who home-school their children are likely to find this exhibit to be an excellent field trip. Ideally, the Schiele Museum will liaise with brochure printers to put together informational material. In that way, all parents can have the information available to remind their children of what they learned on their safari trip.