No more no-kill shelter in the works

July 1, 2013 by  

David Morgan, a resident of Gaston County, has recently admitted he has abandoned his plan to open a no-kill shelter.

Following the spring breeding session, there are often too many unwanted animals for the Gaston County Animal Shelter in Dallas to handle. Morgan had hoped to help take the pressure off the Dallas shelter by opening his own ‘no-kill shelter’, thereby lowering the number of animals euthanized there.

Almost two years ago, Morgan announced his intention to open a two building complex to help with Gastonia’s unwanted pet population. A kennel for housing dogs and cats while their owners are on vacation was to finance the operation of his private animal shelter. Initially, the complex was to open in the summer of 2012 but Morgan has now said that his plans will not reach fruition.

The no-kill shelter was planned for 6.5 acres next to Morgan’s home. The land, situated adjacent to Belmont Abbey College, received zoning approval despite objections from the college. Morgan originally said he felt he could afford, with a little bit of help from grants and donations, to finance the project on his own. However, in his latest statement on the matter, he now says that due to logistical hurdles and financing difficulties, the shelter will not materialize.

It remains to be seen whether public interest in Morgan’s dream of a no-kill shelter will, with the input of local citizens and the services of a local printing company, be resurrected.