New grocery choices may be in Gastonia’s future

January 26, 2013 by  

It looks like the future holds not one but two possible new grocery stores for Gastonia. Grocery chain Publix is known to be looking at real estate in the area of New Hope Road. Its rival, Harris Teeter, is said to be considering a location at the corner of Kendrick and Robinwood roads, according to the Gaston Gazette.

Nothing has been verified but surveying and soil testing on commercial property at the suggested Harris Teeter site gives credence to the recent rumors of its return. The grocery chain used to have a large presence in Gastonia but pulled out of the city – its stores becoming Lowes Food stores.

Harris Teeter is refusing to comment on any possible agreement with Lowes or any deal in the works for developing a site for new stores in the area. Hopes are high, nonetheless; work done at the possible site is consistent with the first steps in building a store. Moreover, the developer working there is one with whom Harris Teeter often works.

The additions of even one of these chains would no doubt be a boost for any local print company, as well as other businesses, and would provide much needed employment opportunities.

Gastonia Mayor, John Bridgeman, confirms that something is going in at the intersection of Kendrick and Robinwood roads but claims to know little else. He says:

“It’s my understanding there’s some upper scale development coming to Gastonia. It may be bigger than just a store. I hope it is. But right now it’s all rumor and people are guessing.”

With any luck, local printing companies will provide Gastonia residents with one or two more grocery ads to check before shopping for food.