Movie or TV studio may be in Eastland Mall’s future

December 17, 2012 by  

Gastonia residents who indulge in fantasies of earning their living as make-up artists, sound technicians, or even actors will find fuel for such daydreams with the proposed plans for Eastland Mall.

Two film companies are considering the empty mall, located in nearby Charlotte, for use as a movie studio. However, both companies insist that any such plan would hinge on the availability of tax credits from the state of North Carolina.

The two interested companies are Film Studio Group and ReelWorks Studios of Charlotte. The likelihood of tax relief for whichever company ends up with the property is far from remote. North Carolina is generous with its tax abatement to the entertainment industry. In some instances, reimbursement can be as high as 25% of qualifying expenses. The biggest obstacle to local residents ordering new digital business cards for their film industry careers is the availability of government tax assistance.

Eastland Mall, before its decline in the 1990s, was a commercial juggernaut for Charlotte’s east side. The mall closed in 2010, lay dormant and was purchased by the city in June of 2012 for 13.2 million.

Many residents of the east side are eager for the old Eastland Mall site to be reborn and for stationery printers to get printing a new name on the building. Although a film studio would be nice, nearby residents would no doubt still be appreciative if the mall were converted into an office complex or commercial center.