Long-term highway project now underway

September 9, 2013 by  

Gastonia residents traveling to Shelbyville have no doubt already noticed construction underway on the new U.S. 74 bypass. The good news for local residents and for the county as a whole is that the bypass is expected to vastly increase the marketability of the area, although it may take some time to complete

The bypass will connect interstates 85 and 26 and make it more straightforward for drivers to reach destinations east and west of city. Planning for the project started in 1979 and is scheduled to be worked on in sections. The first section, which was recently begun and is now under full swing, is expected to be finished in March 2017.

Local businesses here in Gastonia as well as in Shelbyville, and other nearby communities, will want to take the construction and its effect on their businesses into account. Plans to lessen the impact might include conferring with local print companies about including maps featuring detours with their print advertisements. Other ideas might be some hard-hitting specials designed to entice consumers to brave driving through the construction. Several local businesses might consider banding together to offer such enticements.

It is to be hoped that once the public becomes accustomed to maneuvering through the construction area, it will not be as hesitate to do so, but the initial few months may require need extra incentives. Each section of the project will affect the business community differently. The entire project is not expected to be finished until 2030 at the earliest t and will cost approximately $300m.