Local hospital pharmacy efficiency improved with new software

August 31, 2013 by  

Gastonia’s own CaroMont Regional Medical Center is saving itself time and labor costs with its adoption of Kit Check™. The company itself has confirmed this month that thousands of taggings have taken place in the last 10 weeks.

With Kit Check™, a cloud-based program, is used to cut pharmacy kit replacement from a half-hour average to one of only three minutes. Less than three months after its implementation, 10,000 drugs for 206 emergency kits were tagged. After crunching the numbers, the hospital has determined that the new system increased efficiency 90% over the former methodology for replenishing pharmacy kits.

The CaroMont Director of Pharmacy Services, Mike Molby, said:

“By eliminating the manual process, Kit Check is enabling CaroMont pharmacists to spend more time on direct patient care.”

CaroMont Regional Medical Center is one of five healthcare facilities operated by CaroMont Health. CaroMont Regional, formerly known as Gaston Memorial, is a 435-bed general and acute care facility operated on a not-for-profit basis.

Innovations such as Kit Check™ are the sort of improvement that many hospitals hasten to highlight in their future brochure printing, showing the times of technology they embrace. One of the characteristic prospective home buyers look for when relocating is the availability of quality healthcare. Evidence of efforts to improve efficiency will likely boost not only CaroMont Regional’s reputation, but that of Gastonia as well, bringing entra income to the area and increasing the need for advertising, promotion, and printing services.