Gaston Regional Chamber to host networking events later this month

February 6, 2012 by  

The Gaston Regional Chamber is giving business owners in Gastonia and the surrounding area plenty of chances to have fun while networking this February.

Things start getting interesting on the 16th with this month’s Network@Noon event taking place at 11:00 am. As advertised on the site, Gastonia professionals are invited to come and:

“Make the most out of your lunch hour and join us for Network and Noon, the Chambers newest networking event. This quarterly event is held at various member’s locations and provides a great opportunity to promote your business and build partnerships with other members.” (sic.)

Those who aren’t able to attend Network@Noon will get a second chance to forge those connections with the Jumpstart meeting being held by the Leads Group Industry Exclusive Meeting on the 23rd. At this brisk meeting, local professionals will come together and participate in a fun but fast-paced speed networking event.

While it’s a little bit different from what some professionals might be used to, a speed networking meet-up is a quick and efficient way of acquiring contacts. Typically, attendees are able to briefly introduce themselves and their companies within set time constraints. Keeping up with all those individuals can be a challenge, but it’s undoubtedly a productive approach to networking.

Questions of sponsorship aside, this is an occasion that requires business card printing. Also starting early at 8:30 am, this is yet another event that’s been designed with the needs of busy professionals in mind.

Gastonia businesspeople are fortunate in that they can choose between Network@Noon or the Leads Group Industry Exclusive Meeting.