Energy Day shines a light

October 13, 2012 by  

Today is Energy Day at the Schiele Museum, one of Gastonia’s premier heritage locations, and the city’s electrical department invites everyone to come on out and celebrate.

The second annual event will be a fun, educational afternoon that encourages everyone to ask any questions they might have about the supply of energy, use of it, and conservation. A dress-up area for kids and free giveaways will also be part of the event.

The focus of the program will be a demonstration of the tasks that the electrical department undertakes to keep the city energized. Trucks that city electricians use to repair power lines will be on display, as well as a mini-excavator. Participants will be able to watch demonstrators climb electrical poles and learn about safety, training, and skills. One of the newest ideas sweeping through the state is the electrical car, one of which will be on display in the parking lot of the museum.

This type of educational event could benefit from colorful poster printing that illustrates key energy conservation tools in El Cajon, such as programmed air conditioning units, energy-efficient windows and building materials, the benefits of using public transport more often, and using low-wattage light bulbs. Participants could also bring home informative flyer printing that reminds them to turn off lights when not in use, as well as contact numbers at the city in case of an emergency.

The event will be held from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm today, October 13, and there is no cost for admission.