Security improved for visitor passes to Fayetteville hospital

January 5, 2013 by  

The Cape Fear Valley Medical Center located on Own Drive in Fayetteville, North Carolina instituted new security on January 1 at the main lobby’s new info desk. Flyer printing and poster printing are most likely being used to inform the local community of these measures so they can be prepared when planning a visit to the hospital.

One of these measures requires visitors to scan a photo identification when they arrive or to pose for a digital photograph there and then. The photo is then equipped with a sticker which displays a stop sign upon expiration. In addition, there a now just eight entrances, as opposed to 35 previously.

According to officials of the hospital, these new measures are not related to any specific threats but are simply enhancements to the general security of the hospital. Spokesperson Donnie Byers said that so far, everything has been running very smoothly.

The eight entrances that have remained open to visitors include the loading dock rear entrance, the parking deck entrance to the Valley Pavilion, the inpatient entrance to the rehab center, the Cancer Center, the Melrose Road entrance, and the pediatric and adult emergency departments. The remaining 27 entrances that were primarily used by employees are now to be accessed by staff only. In addition, Byers said, even employees who do not have badges cannot get into the building.

According to the hospital’s security manager, Maj. Dwayne Porter, people have commented that they are not troubled by the process and feel much safer in the building.