Mansfield of Fayetteville announces plans to run for lieutenant governor

February 13, 2012 by  

Originally from Fayetteville, Erica Mansfield of the State Senate confirmed on Saturday that he will run for lieutenant governor of North Carolina later this year. He feels that this step will help to move the state forward in a more positive direction. He is using business card printing to print business cards that have his current position as well as the one he is seeking.

Mansfield has said that he was asked to run for lieutenant governor by fellow Democrats that he will not identify. He will have opposition in the May primary by another Democrat who has announced her intentions to run for lieutenant governor, Linda Coleman, the personnel director for the state and a former legislator.

Three Republicans, from Forsyth County, State Representative Dale Folwell, Raleigh resident and architect Dan Forest, and Tom Gurley, Wake County Commissioner have announced intentions to run for lieutenant governor.

Mansfield has said that he was unable to accomplish some of his goals in the Senate due to the surprising amount of partisanship and politics that occurred in lawmaking. These factors slowed and stopped from being able to accomplish his goals.

In addition, his party was out of power in the General Assembly after the Republican sweep of 2010. New district maps that are Republican-friendly will most likely keep that party in control of the legislature for the next ten years.

The lieutenant governor presides over the Senate but has no vote except when there is a tie in the floor vote and is appointed to several statewide commissions and boards. He or she does other tasks as assigned by the governor and serves as governor when the chief executive travels outside of the state.