Fayetteville museum displays Blackbeard artifacts

March 20, 2012 by  

The Museum of the Cape Fear in Fayetteville, North Carolina recently opened an exhibit of artifacts from Blackbeard the pirate’s well-known flagship. The Museum is no doubt using printing services for flyer printing and poster printing to attract the local community and tourists to the area to view this special exhibit.

The artifacts from Blackbeard’s ship, known as “The Queen Anne’s Revenge”, will be on display at the museum until May 31. They are a loan from the North Carolina Maritime Museum in Beaufort which officially holds and maintains artifacts belonging to Blackbeard and other shipwrecked vessels.

On exhibit are lead shot used for small caliber firearms, iron shot for cannons, a small piece of gold, a grinding stone used for sharpening weapons and tools and numerous other items. There is also information on Blackbeard, his ship and related subjects on various exhibit panels.

Blackbeard acquired the ship when he was sailing in the Grenadines with Captain Hornigold in November, 1717. They saw a merchant ship flying the French flag. With Hornigold in one ship and Blackbeard in another, they closed in on the ship from each side and fired upon it. The ship quickly surrendered.

The ship, known as “Le Concorde de Nantes”, became the property of Hornigold who gave it to Blackbeard when Hornigold retired from pirating. It was at this point that Blackbeard renamed it “The Queen Anne’s Revenge”.

The wreckage of the ship was discovered in late 1996 along the sandbars of Beaufort Inlet in Beaufort, North Carolina. Recovery of the ship continues to the present day. The ship remains underwater 20 feet below the surface just off Fort Macon.