Fayetteville gets on the defensive

August 11, 2013 by  

On Tuesday, August 6, the Fayetteville Technical Community College held the 12th annual North Carolina Defense and Economic Development Trade Show. Kay Hagan and Richard Burr, the two United States senators from North Carolina (which has the third largest military presence in the country) co-hosted the event and most likely used flyer printing and poster printing to announce it, as there was a record turnout of almost 700 people from across the state.

Senior representatives from the Department of Defense, the Congressional delegation, other agencies of the federal government, and numerous defense contracting firms and small businesses in North Carolina attended the event. Senators Hagan and Burr participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony, where they spoke of the need for local businesses and defense contractors to help drive the economy.

Senator Burr commented that this event is an important one for the state due to the large military presence, as it enables businesses in North Carolina to connect with officials from the Department of Defense, as well as defense contractors, to better understand the process involving federal contracts so that communities and the local economy can be served more effectively.

Among those featured at the trade show was K2 Solutions; a business owned by a veteran living Fayetteville. It demonstrated how its dogs are commanded through verbal commands, hand gestures, and electronic signals to carry out detection and maintain security. There were also teaming opportunity sessions and government procurement training sessions throughout the day.