Fayetteville celebrates the Babe’s first home run

March 13, 2014 by  

Last weekend, the community of Fayetteville marked the 100th anniversary of the first home run that Babe Ruth hit as a professional baseball player back in 1914. Most likely the organizers of the two-day event used poster printing to announce their activities to the community so as many people as possible could commemorate this historic occasion.

On Friday, there was a rededication ceremony held at the historic marker where Ruth hit the landmark home run.

The following day, there was a double header of Vintage Baseball played at Arnette Park. Baseball re-enactors dressed in uniforms of the time and followed the rules of the game during the 1800s, such as playing bare-handed and using bats and balls that were adopted by the National Association of Baseball Players back in 1864.

In addition, on the Friday, the Museum of Cape Fear opened an exhibit titled Sports in the Sandhills, featuring the visits to Fayetteville that Ruth made in 1914 and 1935 together with Jim Thorpe, who also spent some time in Fayetteville. There are also photographs of school and youth baseball teams from the city.

The days’ events and the Museum exhibit were made possible by several organizations partnering in the community so that these celebrations of historic baseball events could be provided at no cost to the public.