Breast Cancer Awareness promoted in Fayetteville

October 14, 2012 by  

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the clothing line Pasión, of Fayetteville, North Carolina, recently announced that part of the proceeds from its pink-hued items carried in stores this month will be donated towards breast cancer research. The non-profit, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is no doubt using flyer printing and poster printing to make both men and women aware of various promotions by retailers, so as to encourage purchases of pink products.

In addition to Pasión Fine Apparel and Accessories, which was founded by Denise Strother, a local retailer in Fayetteville, Steinmart on Raeford Road, will be giving customers $5 off their purchases if they donate $5 at the register.

The director of development for Young Survival Coalition (YSC), Jenna Glazer, has warned consumers however that they need to check the label on any pink item for sale in Fayetteville stores this month to see if it specifies where the proceeds from the purchase go. She said that if a label, for example, has a pink ribbon on it but no further information as to which non-profit will benefit from the purchase, then the chances are that this is for decoration purposes only and the purchase will not benefit Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Glazer added that the best way to determine this is to check its web site. In addition, consumers can determine how much money is donated to the non-profit. For example, YSC, which provides resources, outreach, and connections for young women with breast cancer, partners with Oakley to donate $20 from each pair of sunglasses sold.