Two Chamber U workshops taking place this month

March 7, 2012 by  

The Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce’s Chamber U program will be hosting two events in March with “Office 2007/2010 Tips & Tricks” and “Using Social Media”.

Of these presentations, Office 2007/2010 Tips & Tricks is the one taking place first with a date of March 14th. Whether putting together a presentation, writing a report, or preparing information for a database, Microsoft Office is a tool that many business people have come to depend on. Hosted by DeLisa J. Lee of DJL Training and Consulting, LLC, those attending this event will be learning new ways to make these Office programs work more efficiently for them. Starting in the morning at 8:30 am, this hour long workshop is going to be full of practical information.

Two weeks after Office 2007/2010 Tips & Tricks on the 28th, Chamber U is going to be holding a workshop called Using Social Media. Given the direction online trends have been heading, it simply isn’t enough for a company to put up a website and call it a day. Internet surfers want to be engaged. That being said, the growth of sites like Twitter and Facebook have made it possible for businesses to promote themselves in front of a larger audience. When digital business cards and optimized sites are also taken into account, the possibilities are nothing less than tantalizing.

Whether a member of Durham’s business community looks at the Office presentation or the one on social media, it’s clear that the Chamber U has something for everyone this month.