Santa’s helpers gather at Durham Golden Corral

February 25, 2014 by  

This month, while the REAL Santa Claus was busy resting at the North Pole, many of his local helpers met at the Durham Golden Corral Buffet.

While there, they shared experiences and worked on maintaining bellies that can shake like a bowl full of jelly. The Santa look a likes were all part of a group known as the Triangle Santa Buddies.

This meeting was the first one following the Christmas holidays; the Santas needed a month to rest up from their duties. In a way, the meeting served as a debriefing. The group was formed 10 years ago and allows the men to share resources and provide support to each other. Additionally, the group ensures that Santas are available for any group in an area via their network.

Both the mundane and the bizarre are shared. How to deal with parents who won’t give up until they snap the perfect smile and how a parking spot right outside a venue can be guaranteed for a Santa are two examples. Others include finding the best place to have their Santa suits dry cleaned and how to handle children who make abstract requests.

One other possible question could be where the Santa helpers can obtain the best and most affordable business card printing. They have a few months to iron out those questions and will meet monthly until it is time to once again don the Santa suit.