Safety first across NC schools

September 9, 2013 by  

Durham parents, along with parents from across the state, will no doubt be interested to know that North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory received a school safety report last Friday.

McCrory announced last March that North Carolina Center for Safer Schools would review safety methods used by schools here and across the nation. That report featured nearly 80 recommendations and was compiled after a series of nine public forums were held to gather local input from across the state.

Two safety concerns highlighted in the report were effective anti-bullying strategies and alternative to out-of-school suspensions. Cyber-bullying was an area the report deemed especially important for school systems to address.

The Governor said:

“Our goal is to work with local stakeholders to address the physical, mental and social factors that contribute to youth violence so that our schools remain a safe and secure learning environment.”

Implementation of the recommendations is already underway. According to McCrory’s office monies for additional resource officers and system wide safety drills and lock down exercises are already in the pipeline.

This summer, the North Carolina General Assembly approved $9m per year for two years to help local schools hire more resource officers or make other safety changes. One possible use of the state money, which is doled out as matching funds, is the installation of classroom panic alarms connecting directly to local emergency services.

Durham parents might wish to bring this matter up for discussion at their next PTO meeting, with a printing company contacted for the distribution of flyers addressing the subject.