New courses for Durham high school students

October 11, 2012 by  

The Durham Public School is about to start a 3-year pilot project that will expand the options available to high-school students. The pilot project will operate out of the Holton Career and Resource Center. Traditional career options such as horticulture, small engine repair, and carpentry will be replaced by current and future options such as security and automated technology. The goal is to update courses to existing and emerging careers.

Starting in early 2013, Durham high schools will offer a course in public safety that offers career information about emergency and fire management, corrections, law enforcement, legal services, and security. The hope is that students will gain sufficient understanding to help them make an informed choice when choosing a career. In August, 2013, a career path in automated technologies will be introduced, with students getting the chance to learn about basic engineering, principles of design, working in teams, and problem-solving. The following year, students will be able to take courses in medical office administration and virtual welding.

Printing companies can assist the Durham Board of Education by designing and producing catalog printing with course descriptions. Potential career paths that could result from taking the particular course should be part of any information package. Brochure and flyer printing are handy tools to give a brief description of the new courses to be offered over the next three years.

Officials will hope that students in grades 9 and 10 will take the courses and then be able to take additional courses at DTCC so that they can pursue licensing immediately after graduation.