Horse show coming to Durham

June 28, 2012 by  

In the public eye of the American people, horses have traditionally been seen only in dressage expeditions, rodeos, competitive horse shows, and competitive racing. Events like these have a way of perpetuating the reputation of horses as “beasts of burden.”

Though horses have traditionally been used for labor and transportation for many years now, quite a few owners have recognized and embraced equine intelligence and have developed unique relationships with these animals. In Europe, for the past nine years, over 40 different horses have been featured in live entertainment shows, viewed by over 5 million fans in over 40 different cities. This year the show, APASSIONATA, will make its way to North America.

On June 15 – 17, at the PNC Arena, Durham, NC, the show will make its debut in North America. Since this form of entertainment is new to America, investment in flyer printing, poster printing, and banner printing could be negotiated as a means of advertisement in an effort to maximize attendance to the show. This spectacular and thrilling performance will be the first of a 66-city, eighteen month, North American tour. Individual tickets start at $25.

Scott Faris will be the director of a critically-acclaimed and award winning Broadway creative team which is being brought together in addition to the North American debut. He says that the show combines top-class horsemanship and breeds of horses, the likes of which are rarely seen in the US, which will make for an exhilarating and spectacular experience for all.