Good will of Lonovo volunteers spreads to Durham boys’ and girls’ club

December 17, 2012 by  

The Lenovo Group Limited recently managed to spread their name and promote their brand via an unusual source. On the last Wednesday of November, volunteers from Lenovo took the time to give the John Avery Boys and Girls Club in Durham a makeover.

Approximately 100 of the company’s sales force spent several hours clearing out closets, buffing gym floors, and painting. The sales trainees, who were attending a sales training course, were from throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. To top it off, before slipping back to their sales seminar, they decorated the club for Christmas.

Although no-one doubts the altruistic intentions of the volunteers, the positive publicity gained on behalf of the company is incalculable. The Lenovo Group Limite -, a multinational Chinese company dealing in electronics and computer hardware, carries out operations in over 60 countries, with product sales in 160 countries. Lenovo has gained both the attention and appreciation of the Durham community through the medium of kind gestures and hard work.

The company was started in Beijing in 1984 and, four years later, incorporated in Hong Kong. Second only to Hewlett-Packard in PC sales for 2011 and having its operational headquarters in nearby Morrisville, the Lenovo name can only become increasingly familiar to Durham residents, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of its employees on behalf of our local Boys’ and Girls, Club. The club, in addition to being spruced up and decorated for the holidays, also received several computers donated by Lenovo.

To continue to drum up local support and publicity, and printed marketing campaign, perhaps using flyer printing, could prove very beneficial to the company.