Durham – out of the box and on to the world stage

March 10, 2013 by  

Any Durham residents finding themselves in the vicinity of Doha, Qatar this April might take the opportunity to cheer on our local chamber of commerce as it competes for the Best Unconventional Chamber Project in the World title.

Durham is one of five contestants for the top prize, competing against three national Chambers and the Nuremburg Chamber of Commerce in the Qatari capital.

The Durham entry into the Best Unconventional Chamber Project was a national contest to give away the World’s Smallest Office to a newly forming company. Dubbed ‘Smoffice’, the 25-square foot space was provided rent free to the winner for 60 days. Additionally, the winner received a free laptop, desk, and a six-month lease on a condo in downtown Durham.

Its purpose was to publicize Durham and all it has to offer entrepreneurs. Of course, the winner, The Makery Project, received not only the promised prizes but free publicity as well when it launched, after winning the World’s Smallest Office. Both Durham and Makery will each receive an additional infusion of publicity this coming April with the meeting of the World Chambers Congress, which is made up of in excess of 12,000 chambers of commerce. In attendance will be the chamber presidents and business members, CEOs, and many influential world leaders.

All of this attention – first national and then international – is due to the creation of the Smoffice. It just goes to show that little things, like taking care when choosing the best printing services or thinking outside the box, can pay off with big results.