Durham hot spot for chef-led food trend

January 26, 2013 by  

Durham residents have a front row seat in the latest food trend. A new development in dining sees the elevation of simple foods to superstar status with attention to detail and personalized chef-level dedication to quality.

A donut and biscuit shop called Rise, opened by Chef Tom Ferguson who also owns Durham Catering Co., is located near the Streets of Southpoint. Exclusively featuring donuts and biscuits, which are made several times a day, the donuts are given a shelf life of only three hours while biscuits are pitched after 30 minutes.

A takeout seafood stand called Saltbox Seafood Joint, owned and operated by Chef Ricky Moore, features fresh seafood delivered every other day from North Carolina’s coast. Fried and grilled seafood are accompanied by cocktail and tartar sauces, which are made frequently and always from scratch. The Saltbox Seafood Joint also features homemade coleslaw and French fries.

Poster printing may also announce the efforts of Chef Gray Brooks’ Pizzeria Toro, a restaurant, which joins Rise and the Saltbox Seafood Joint in Durham and specializes in wood-fired pizza. Nearby Raleigh has also participated in this latest of food establishment trends. Chef Ashley Christensen’s operates two chef driven establishments featuring ordinary food, Chuck’s, a restaurant specializing in burgers, and Beasley’s Chicken + Honey, which is devoted to fried chicken.

This appears to be a reversal of the fast food phenomenon. Whereas a limited selection of foods were standardized and mass-produced, today’s chef-driven trend aims to specialize and customize to give an otherwise humble food the food expert treatment, taking food service in another direction while elevating it to new heights.