Durham history no longer homeless

October 18, 2013 by  

Until recently, The Museum of Durham History existed only in cyber space. While residents could go to the website and discover the past of Bull City and Research Triangle Park, there was no physical location for our museum, until last Saturday.

The new Durham History Hub opened on October 12 with approximately 100 supporters braving the rain to be among the first to enjoy it. Located off the Downtown Loop at what was once a bus transfer hub, our new museum is appropriately surrounded by numerous historic buildings. The neighborhood is a history lesson in itself.

Any catalog printing the museum might consider doing should probably convey information on the other historic buildings surrounding the museum. Among buildings in proximity to the Durham History Hub is the Hill Building, where Central Carolina Bank and SunTrust use to do business and will soon house an art museum and hotel. Other buildings include the Lucky Strike Tower in the American Tobacco Warehouse District, the former City Hall building (which is now the base of the Durham Arts Council), and the Old Central High School.

An exhibit titled ‘Look Beyond the Windows’ invites visitors at the new museum to look through the building’s floor-to-ceiling windows. Outside is a 360-degree view of Durham through the ages. Katie Spencer, the director, said:

“The history is unfolding as we speak.”

The Durham History Hub is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and currently features touch screens, wall exhibits, and a trunk with dress-up clothes for children. There is no cost for admission.