3DMedia corporation’s new technology

May 9, 2012 by  

3DMedia Corp., based in Durham, has just upgraded its 3DComposer software; it now includes even more editing functions. According to the company’s recent news release, one of the features of this software that enables users to create and edit 3-D photographs is that it also facilitates the user in sharing the photos.

The company realizes the existence of competition within the 3-D technology industry; as a matter of fact, one of the company’s general managers, Jason Hurst, acknowledged the fact that other consumer electronics companies sell 3-D products such as TVs, cell phones, cameras, gaming systems, etc., but he thinks that the competition for selling technology that enables a user to actually create and manipulate 3-D content thins out.

Hurst also went on to express the company’s desire to be a market leader in 3-D technology. Since the market is still new, he assumes that the technology will only improve with time and become less expensive, thereby creating a higher demand for the company’s product, which will ultimately effect company growth. The company could benefit from catalog printing in order to advertise the updates of their software and to facilitate the consumer in visualizing what all the new software is capable of doing.

Hurst explained the process in which 3-D photos are made, indicating that the user must use a digital camera to take two photos of the same subject, the second of which is offset a few inches to the right; the software does the rest to produce the 3-D effect.

In making the upgrades, the company is aiming to target a new class of users.