UNC Research Institute to receive $1 million gift

February 7, 2012 by  

The University of North Carolina Research Institute announced this month that it has received a pledge of $1 million that will create the first endowed distinguished professorship at the Institute, located near Charlotte, North Carolina. The pledge was made by Alan Dickson, a member of the Board of Advisors of the Institute. The Institute will use printing services to create flyers and announcements regarding this pledge in order to attract the best scientific minds and contribute to the economic growth of the Charlotte area.

The pledge consists of a gift of $666,000 from Harris Teeter and the Dickson and a matching gift of $334,000 from the Distinguished Professors Endowment Trust of North Carolina and will create the Dickson Foundation-Harris Teeter Distinguished Professorship in Nutrition. Once the professorship is fully endowed, it will create an annual disbursement that will support a designated faculty member of the Nutrition Institute and foster scientific discovery. This professorship is considered by many to be a significant foundation for the Research Institute as an endowed chair supports the research of the faculty recipient and is a recognized measure of respect and achievement.

Dickson became interested in the Institute when he made his first visit in 2010. At that time, he explored the labs and discussed the vision of the research facility with Dr. Steven Zeisel, the Director of the Institute. He was offered an invitation to serve on the Board of Directors and accepted it. A short time later, he became interested in the recruitment efforts of the Institute for faculty members and agreed to lead an effort of the Board to create five endowed distinguished professorships that were privately funded so that the Institute could attract the best scientific minds. Dickson said that the current gift is an investment in the people of North Carolina and the world.