Toymaker brings company headquarters to Charlotte

April 5, 2013 by  

A toy manufacturer based in Germany, Schleich, is moving its North American headquarters to Charlotte from Ontario, Canada. The current operations in Ontario are located in the city of Ottawa.

Schleich North America’s president, Walter Haack, stated in reference to the move:

“With the United States being our second largest market, we have the capacity to grow here, meet increased demands for our products and potentially outpace our German sales or headquarters in size.”

Don Rothwell, senior vice president for the company, added that Charlotte was selected as a result of the city’s central location, nearness to shipping ports, and thriving business climate. Rothwell stated that Schleich North America looks forward to contributing to the advancements made in the community and making a difference to Charlotte’s business sector.

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Schleich North America Inc. plans to open the new distribution center and headquarters by early next month. It intends to provide work for more than 60 employees on a full-time basis. Current employees from the Ottawa location will be filling four of those positions and seven others will move from the toy manufacturer’s temporary office located at Mallard Creek Road. The new distribution center and headquarters will be located off of U.S 21 in the Twin Lakes Business Park.