The Knights Get a Sponsor

May 3, 2012 by  

On Monday, April 30, 2012, Piedmont Natural Gas announced that it had signed a contract with the Charlotte Knights to sponsor their ballpark, which is to be built in uptown Charlotte.

This deal makes Piedmont Natural Gas the stadium’s first founding partner, and as such they will be entitled to several promotional opportunities as soon as the Knight’s have their first season in the future stadium.

The only slight problem that exists right now is that no one knows for sure whether the stadium is actually going to be built or not. The Knights have indicated that they are in need of financial support to build the ballpark in Third Ward. To do so would cost $74 million, which includes $28 million from the county. In order to access more funding for the building of the new stadium, the team could greatly benefit from the support of more sponsors, which can be solicited through the use of new technology such as digital business cards as well as more traditional means, such as ordering a run of brochure printing from a local print shop.

Though the Charlotte City Council is thinking about contributing $8.5 million for the project, they have not yet fully committed to this idea. Some members think the team itself should spend a little more; some are uncertain about the timing of the project; but others have expressed that they are in favor of the idea. Though there are still important decisions to be made, Piedmont Natural Gas’ CEO, Thomas Skains, looks forward to what he believes will spell economic success for the city of Charlotte.