Officials ask public for ideas on growth

February 12, 2013 by  

Officials in 14 counties in the Charlotte area have been working with trying to come up with ideas to boost the growth of the region, and now they are asking for input from citizens in the area.

The effort is a three-year process called ‘CONNECT Our Future’. It will address various concerns, such as housing, transportation, businesses, infrastructure, and other topics.

A series of meetings and activities will be held throughout the region in an effort to raise awareness and get the public involved in the implementation of the plan for future growth in the Charlotte area. Flyer printing may be used to alert citizens to the time and place of the events. Poster printing and other advertising means may also be utilized to raise awareness within the region. For Mecklenburg, the meetings kicked off with an open house February 6 in Charlotte at Bojangle’s Coliseum.

Organizers for CONNECT our future report that parts of the region have emerged in recent years as among the fastest growing areas in the country within regions boasting a population of one million or more. However, organizers say that the region is also one of the largest that does not currently have a framework for future growth and expansion of the area. This is why the public is being asked what they value about their communities and what ideas they have for growth within the region.

The 14 counties included in the plan include both Carolinas, although 10 of them are in North Carolina.