Midland plans Main Street

January 9, 2013 by  

Midland, a town that stretches for about nine miles between the cities of Albermarle and Charlotte, is currently planning to add a Main Street I the middle of town to help the area expand and attract businesses in an effort to promote growth. David Pugh, administrator for the town of Midland, said:

“We’re only 12 years old…the biggest thing (is) trying to get people to know and understand, especially from development (that) Midland is only 20 miles from downtown Charlotte.

Town leaders have high hopes that the addition of a main street to their tiny town of only a little over 3,000 will bring in new businesses and help the town grow.

As new towns spring up in an area, various efforts to attract businesses are often made to help stimulate growth of the town and the economy. As Midland attempts to draw in new businesses, printing companies in nearby Charlotte may be utilized to provide a variety of printing services. As new stores, restaurants and other businesses are established in the town, catalog printing, business card printing, and a number of other services are likely to be needed.

The small town has passed a number of zoning laws and is currently working on plans to improve its infrastructure. A new Town Hall is also planned for the area along the new Main Street. Pugh reported that the community and town leaders feel that growth of the town of Midland is inevitable. He says that, while only 20 miles from downtown Charlotte, the town will maintain a rural way of living while offering a thriving downtown area.