Fastener Supply Holdings to change location

October 5, 2012 by  

Fastener Supply Holdings in Charlotte will soon be moving its operations. The manufacturing company, which produces and distributes fastener solutions to a wide array of industries throughout North Carolina and other portions of the eastern United States, will be moving its Charlotte basis of operations from 1340 Amble Drive to 13410 South Ridge Drive in the very near future.

The fastener manufacturing company recently purchased a large building in South Charlotte and intends to relocate headquarters to the new address as soon as January. The new warehouse measures approximately 24,000 square feet and was purchased for a sum of $1.2 million. In accordance with property tax records for Mecklenburg County, the property at 13410 South Ridge Drive is assessed at $1.18 million.

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Fastener Supply Holdings was represented by Joey Godbold of Percival McGuire Commercial Real Estate. Godbold stated:

“We worked with them looking at this building for three months. This building was the right size for them, and it had the right ceiling height at 24 feet.”

CTS Enterprises, the seller in the transaction, was represented by Lane Holbert and Barb Jesperson, who both work for Cassidy Turley.

Fastener Supply Company also operates in four other locations across the Carolinas.