Engage Charlotte After Hours taking place November 16

November 12, 2011 by  

Engage Charlotte will be hosting a networking event for young professionals at the Charlotte City Club on November 16, 2011. Over the course of this 2 hour event, there will be drinks and refreshments served as well as many entrepreneurs and business owners present. Those who plan to attend Engage Charlotte After Hours will need to have a sizable amount of business card printing ready when they arrive. With such a high number of rising businesspeople coming to the event, networkers will want the opportunity to approach everyone at least once.

Past events held by Engage Charlotte have been singularly informative for many people. No matter what industry a businessperson has been operating in, professionals have been able to leave with the kind of practical knowledge that can only help people’s careers. Some of these have included conversations about what it means to be a CEO, the business climate in Charlotte, as well as more practical seminars on topics like negotiating, media, and career progression. Engage Charlotte has also done a lot to aid all businesspeople in more complicated areas like financial and risk management as well.

Engage Charlotte operates with the belief that relationships between professionals are critical to a company’s success. After Hours is a great chance to meet with like-minded individuals and start acquiring business contacts. If nothing else, those phone numbers and e-mail addresses might come in handy one day. At this event individuals can go out, enjoy drinks and appetizers, support charity, and network all at the same time. After Hours is simply too good an opportunity to pass up.