Construction booms on Booty Loop

May 13, 2013 by  

A large amount of construction has been happening of late on the Booty Loop in Charlotte. The busy intersection of Queens Road West and Selwyn Avenue is buzzing with a flurry of building, planning and speculation.

While there is no official word as of yet, rumor is that Faison, a commercial real estate investment firm, is introducing a total of 19 new luxury apartments to Charlotte on the Booty Loop. These apartments are thought to be similar in style to the condominium complex that sits directly behind the area on the corner of Queens Road West and Roswell.

If Faison is, in fact, putting in a new luxury apartment complex, this adds to the continuing boom of developers recently that have been constructing apartment buildings, condominiums, and inventory for renters throughout the Charlotte area.

As construction continues along the Booty Loop and other parts of the city, new businesses could be attracted to the populated area as well. New companies, restaurants, shops or other businesses could mean an increase in sales for existing businesses in the area, such as printing companies that would likely be called upon for printing services such as catalog printing and postcard printing.

The Myers Park area in Charlotte still has a few lots available for construction. It is speculated that this area could well get some attention from other businesses as the spaces around it continue to grow and develop, creating new opportunities and prospects in the local vicinity.