College Senior Wins Entrepreneur Contest

May 3, 2012 by  

In a contest that involved 117 entries, Seth Gold, a senior at High Point University, just won the top prize at the Charlotte Venture Challenge for his business venture in the Social Enterprise Category. For his prize Seth will be recieving $3,000 dollars and office space to base his company.

Seth is the founder of a company named Bamboo Apparel. He was featured in an article in The Business Journal in July, 2011. The article praised him for his accomplishments, especially his ability to create his own summer job, thereby generating money that could be used for some of his college expenses. Some of his money could also be invested in catalog printing to adverstise his product since bamboo is actually a newer type of clothing.

Bamboo Apparel’s main product is T-shirts. One of the reasons Seth has experienced such a high level of success is because the fibers of the T-shirt are 70 percent renewable. Another twist to Seth’s business plan is that for each shirt that is sold, another one is donated to an orphanage somewhere in the world.

Though this is a major accomplishment for Seth, he is no stranger to success, for last year he won $5,000 dollars in a business plan competition at HPU. Seth is on the move, and he plans to grow his company as soon as he graduates this year. Out of all that Gold has accomplished and all that he has received from the competitions, he commented on his win:

“To be selected as a winner at the end of the day was great because it lets you walk away with more confidence for the next opportunity.”