Coconut Groove band about to get its groove on

July 15, 2013 by  

The Shelton Vineyards is hosting a series of concerts this summer to enliven the atmosphere of Charlotte. Poster printing and other printing services represent a simple way for the bands and other local companies to advertise at and around the concerts.

Everyone in attendance seems likely to have a good time at the concerts at Shelton Vineyards. Not only will there be music to lift everyone’s spirits, there will be delectable food and drink offerings and — of course — quality wine of all varieties. Guests can bring a camera and capture the evening forever, buy memorabilia, and meet the musicians after the show. They can also take home bottles of wine to keep the party going long after the concert is over.

They should be prepared for a night of dancing, singing, and laughing. The Coconut Groove band, among other popular names, will hope to keep smiles on the faces of the audience.

The concert is to take place on Saturday, July 20, and guests should head to 286 Cabernet Lane at the Shelton Vineyards to take part in the festivities. Tickets are available for purchase in advance for $25, or $20 for members of the Wine Club. Contact 336-336-4724 to purchase them. Alternately, those planning to go along can purchase tickets at the gate for $30 the day of the concert, and can also sign up for the season pass and catch all concerts in the summer series for $75.