Charlotte to be new home for Chiquita

December 4, 2011 by  

The produce distributor, Chiquita Brand International, Inc. is planning to move its corporate headquarters from Cincinnati, Ohio, where it has been since 1987, to Charlotte, North Carolina within the next year. This move will relocate about 300 people and add hundreds of jobs to the state. The company is using various printing services to increase the publicity for this move and to print various flyers and brochures about the company that explain its business and provide greater details about the job openings that will occur as a result of the move.

According to Chiquita’s Chairman and CEO, Fernando Aguirre, it was determined that Charlotte was the best location for the business after extensively reviewing the company’s needs and capabilities. The company decided that relocating was in the best interests of the employees, customers and shareholders of the company. Despite the costs that the move will incur, Aguirre concluded that the Charlotte area would in the long term help the company to reduce its operating costs and provide an active and attractive community for the employees of the company. He also pointed out that the Charlotte airport is in a strategic location that can improve the company’s access to its customers, international markets and other operations of Chiquita around the world.

The move was partly made possible by an incentive package from the North Carolina Economic Investment Committee. Chiquita has estimated that between $30 million to $35 million will be spent on project costs over the next two years and that $24 million of this amount will be able to be recaptured over the next ten years by means of state and local government incentives. This package also expects to provide an additional 400 jobs in the state by the year 2014.