Charlotte orchestra sounds out for new recruits

October 22, 2013 by  

Charlotte’s Queen City Community Orchestra is getting ready for its winter concert, slated for December, and is looking for new members.

The orchestra, named after the city’s nickname, is made up of amateur players, some of whom have been with the organization for decades. However, it is always eager to welcome newcomers, and is looking particularly for viola players.

Many of the musicians in the group share the same background—they played an instrument in middle or high school, but stopped when they went to college, began working, or got married and started a family. However, most retained their love of music, so took up the opportunity when they heard the orchestra’s policy is to allow anyone to join without auditioning.

Aleo Sica, who retired from Charlotte’s Queens University, founded the group in 1969. At first it was a full orchestra, but Sica has since cut it back, so now it is comprised only of strings. There are approximately 40 members who play cellos, violas, stringed basses, and violins.

The group gives two free concerts each year, and attendees are encouraged to bring items to donate to local charity groups. The upcoming winter concert will be performed in December at Charlotte Country Day School, and will be dedicated to the memory of John Sipe. Known for his skill in violin-making, Sipe lived in Charlotte and passed away last month. Many orchestra members play his instruments.

Orchestra officials could work with brochure printers to create a hand-out for attendees, giving the orchestra’s history and inviting them to consider joining the group.